Making peace on the roof

CultureSociety Tripoli LB

An age-old saga of peace, love and war bringing together youth from Tripoli’s long time adversaries Bab Al-Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen.

Queer as Iraq

Rights & dissent Baghdad

IraQueer – a new online home for the LGBTQ+ community of Iraq and Kurdistan

Know your medina

Urban change Fes

Fes-born architect Sarah Essbai describes the structure of the medinas – and how these ancient spaces extend into both the past and the future of Morocco.

Talking racism

Mixed feelings in Lebanon

CultureRights & dissent Beirut

Mashallah met with Nisreen Kaj to talk about Mixed Feelings, a photo exhibit of cross-cultural Lebanese, and about racism, prejudices and making change.

Shatila re-collected

Society Beirut

In this introduction to our recently published anthology Beirut Re-Collected, Mashallah News co-editor Jenny Gustafsson recalls an encounter with the residents of Shatila, a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon.

300 camels

CultureSociety Jeddah

Did you see a stencilled camel on a wall recently? If you live in Saudi Arabia, or elsewhere in the world, you might have come upon the 300 camels project.

Windows into the world

Instagram favourites

Culture Beirut Cairo Damascus Dubai Jeddah Karachi Khartoum Mashallah region Tehran

Our favourite Instagram photographers from the Middle East — discover Sudan, Saudi, Dubai, Palestine, Iran, Turkey, Egypt and elsewhere through them

In Sona’s kitchen

From Armenia to Beirut

Society Beirut

Sona Tikidjian is Beirut’s modest but shining star of Armenian cooking. Come make su börek and pastries in her kitchen.

Playing across the border

Society Tripoli LB

Amidst the violence that routinely disrupts life in Tripoli, a group of Syrian refugees have formed a football team to help them cope with life in exile and the war at home.

Animated poetry

Culture Tehran

“A Woman Sings Under the Ice”, a short film by Tehran-based animator and illustrator Maryam Khalilzade, marries poetry and fantasy.