The daughters of 1979

Lost stories from Iran

Rights & dissentSociety Tehran

Mashallah News spoke to Alex Shams about the lesser-known positive effect of the 1979 Iranian revolution on women’s education and university enrolment.

Doubly homeless

Syria's Palestinians in Lebanon

Rights & dissentSociety Saida

Lebanon is now hosting more than 100,000 Syrian refugees. But one group has sadly been forgotten: Syria’s Palestinians.

Graphic pain

Visual Sunday

CultureRights & dissent Damascus

The painful art of Syrian artist Sulafa Hijazi visualises with graphic simplicity what is happening to her Syria.

Enter the khala

Kushti in Dubai

Society Dubai

On an open, dusty field nearby Dubai’s fish market, the age-old Indian/Pakistani kushti wrestling gathers crowds of spectators every week.

De quoi rêvent les martyrs ?

CultureRights & dissent Tunis

Je pense que l’art, même dans sa formation la plus effective, reste une promesse à venir, une promesse utopique. Mais à ce moment là, l’utopie était là, elle flirtait avec l’actuel, l’art et la politique étaient devancées par le présent.

Portraying the martyrs

CultureRights & dissent Tunis

I think that art, even at its most effective, is a but promise. A utopian promise. When the revolution happened, utopia was there, flirting with the actual.

Along the road in the Bekaa

Society Beirut

Syrian families, all ages working in the fields growing tobacco, potatoes and vegetables, living on the roadsides of Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley

A small group of Syrians

CultureRights & dissent Damascus

Photographer Jaber al-Azmeh takes on one of the Syrian Government’s most prominent symbols, the Ba’ath newspaper; turns it upside down and covers it with messages

Picture yourself Egypt

CultureSociety Cairo

“Egypt (mostly Cairo) beyond your Google image search results.” Picture Masr, through a stream of photos, gives another view of the North African country.

In the mix

Linguistic mélange bi Lubnan

Society Beirut

Mashallah News spoke to LAU professor Rula Diab about one of her specialities: the Lebanese language mix.