Gender challenges in Tunisia

The ongoing revolution

Rights & dissentSociety Tunis

Talking to Ahlam Belhaj, head of Femmes Démocrates, and Soukeina Bouraoui, director of CAWTAR, about women’s rights in the new Tunisia.

General Suleiman, reggae & defamation

Speaking to Zeid Hamdan

CultureRights & dissent Beirut

Lebanese singer Zeid Hamdan sang a playful tribute to Lebanon’s president and general Michel Suleiman — that ended him up in jail.


The transformation of a goddess

Culture Beirut

In Armenian tradition, she is the goddess of healing, wisdom, beauty, love, hunting and water; even war. And she was to be found in every home.

Western Sahara in Beirut

“We collect images to display in the middle of nowhere”

Rights & dissentSociety Beirut Tindouf

Western Sahara people collected photos, documents and weapons from the battlefield in a museum of war which caught the attention of an artist collective.

Linguistic links

Culture Beirut

“I had a very hard time explaining to others the basics of Arabic. So I decided to do something.”

From the Chouf with love

Mountain food

Society Beirut

Walid and Maysoon Nasreddine from Kfarkatra in the Chouf mountains dry tomatoes on the roof and pick herbs in the woods.

Improve your Amharic

A new task force for migrant workers

Society Beirut

The newly established Migrant Workers Task Force runs every Sunday language classes both for and by migrant workers in Lebanon.

Through a window in Ramallah

CultureRights & dissent Ramallah

Crouched in a corner of a small make-shift shelter, during the Israeli attack on Ramallah, Palestinian poet Tala Abu Rahmeh started writing poetry.

من نافذتي في رام الله

CultureRights & dissent Ramallah

كانت الشابة الفلسطينية تالا أبو رحمة جالسة في زاوية ملجأ في أثناء عملية إسرائيلية التي شهدتها رام الله. و بدأت تالا كتابة الشعر للمرة الأولى.

Organic randomness

Visual Sunday

Culture Beirut

Karen Klink is a Barcelona-based Lebanese artist whose radiant and bright illustrations, situated somewhere between the childlike and the paranormal, transfers you to wonderland.