Illustration by Cynthia Merhej

Why support Mashallah News?

  • We tell stories you don’t find anywhere else, about those who make our cities what they are.
  • We stand at the crossroads of the intellectual, the cultural and the everyday; the courageous and the simple.
  • We challenge and transform conventional media images of the Middle East through finding and sharing new narratives from across the region.
  • We function as a non-profit and rely on very dedicated editors and contributors.

During the past year, we have published three themed series with stories and images from places across the Middle East. We gathered tales of travellers and pathfinders for Routes; stories from the dark hours for Night; and accounts of how we speak and why for Language.

We want to continue producing multimedia stories on cross-regional topics in the future, and are thankful for all donations. In order to compensate contributors and turn their stories into beautiful features for you to read, we are collecting means to be used for our upcoming series.

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