• What happens to the mind and soul when we move places? In times of global immobility and isolation, what does the word migration mean beyond movement?

  • ماذا يحدث للعقل والروح عندما ننتقل من مكان إلى آخر؟ وفي زمن الجمود والعزلة حول العالم، ما الذي قد تعنيه كلمة الهجرة خارج حدود الحركة والتنقل؟

  • A neighbour, a person living by our side. We may differ in manners and ideas of how things should be done, but we will always stay closely connected.

  • More than a tool for reflecting what is, language is also a means of producing the real. It also has subversive potential – the ability to speak new kinds of selves, communities and solidarities into being, to resurrect mute narratives and resuscitate those that are running out of breath.

  • The night has a special kind of intimacy. A slower pace, a sense that time is moving in other directions. Places turn unfamiliar in the dark; people look different, do things differently. The night is a pause from life during the day, but also a world entirely of its own.