We built this city

Including a stop at the Masnaa border, the drive between Damascus and Beirut is not more than three hours. Many make this trip daily: truck drivers, tourists, those with family in the other country. And, among those crossing the border from the Syrian side, migrant workers. There are several hundreds of thousands of Syrians working in Lebanon, primarily on construction sites across the country. In Beirut, a city dubbed the phoenix for its unfaltering ability to time and time again rise from the ashes, the need for construction workers never ends.

The photographs were taken by Karim Mostafa across Beirut in 2010 and 2011.

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10 thoughts on “We built this city

  1. just noticed it isnt in cairo ! my mistake .. but the images are really amazing ..

  2. Don’t you just love taking advantage of foreign work force, while providing almost no security on site? :)

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