Mashallah guest mix #1

By Hello Psychaleppo

This is the first of a series of new musical mixes, set up by our own Gabriel Luis Manga and guest curated by different musicians from the region. First out – and we’re very excited to have him! – is Hello Psychaleppo, a Levantine act who remains deeply rooted in oriental music while mixing it with shameless electro and beats.

Hello Psychaleppo, who are you?

My name is Samer Saem Eldahr, a.k.a Hello Psychaleppo; I’m an Arab bass dropper.

Who/what are your musical and artistic influences?

Mostly birds.

What do you want to do with this mix? 

This playlist is what I’ve been jamming to recently. I had an hour limit only, so it prevented me from sharing many more great artists. This is just my glimpse into the vibrant Middle Eastern music scene. 

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