Abdulsalam Alamri: Saudi snapshots

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Souks, late night eateries, quiet back streets, open skies. The photo stream of Abdulsalam Alamri, a creative mind working for a bank in Riyadh, is a fascinating collection of street shots from the Saudi capital and other cities in the region. 

A native of Khamees Mushait in southwestern Saudi Arabia, Abdulsalam Alamri joined Instagram in 2012 out of curiosity. The photo sharing platform pushed him to ask: “Has the Saudi street been documented enough?”. His answer was no, and since then he has continued to post visual snapshots from across the country.

Most images are from Riyadh, where he captures the mood and rhythm of the city’s streets and small shops, offices, gas stations, parks and cafés. There are also images from rural Saudi, and old parts of cities like Jeddah, Mecca, Beirut, Doha, Dubai and Istanbul.

Unlike much photographic work that we see coming out of the Gulf, Abdulsalam Alamri’s images do not highlight spectacular buildings or moneymaking projects. His focus, he says, has always been the old streets and neighbourhoods, because these are places that reflect Saudi history and identity best.

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