Ramize Erer: caricatures and customs

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Turkish cartoonist Ramize Erer has been working for 30 years, drawing attention through her free and caustic pieces to, among other issues, the relationship between men and women in Turkish society.

For four years, Erer has been working from her office in Paris for the daily Radikal  and the satirical review Leman, directed by her husband Tuncay Akgün. Since 2011 she has also been involved in a the new feminist humor magazine Bayan Yanı.

At the age of 16, Erer was spotted by renowned cartoonist Oğuz Aral who liked her creative perspective. And he was not to be disappointed. From the first caricatures Erer did, she dealt with solitary pleasure. Then, without complexes, she took on many other sensible issues.

Erer is one of the last cartoonists of her generation who continues the struggle against social taboos with her pencil. She was also one of the first female cartoonists in Turkey. “It is a very difficult job that still remains very masculine,” she said. “I feel lonely sometimes.”

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