Hunger strike

From Tala Abu Rahmeh to the prisons

Rights & dissent Bethlehem Ramallah

Tala Abu Rahmeh writes for the political prisoners on strike in Israel’s jails

Dream baby

CultureRights & dissent Ramallah

Tala Abu Rahmeh’s beautiful poem on Palestine. “I do not want broken record poems about rubble, so I touch my empty belly. I don’t want my children
to grow up here.”

Letter to Laila

Born in Palestine

Rights & dissent Ramallah

Tala Abu Rahmeh, poet and author, writes a letter to her newborn niece, Laila, to tell her about hardship, love and living in Palestine.

So, we applied for a state? #3

Rights & dissent Ramallah

What if a company in Hebron started making Flat Daddies, the life size cardboard cutouts of American dads at war, resembling Palestinian fathers in prison?

So, we applied for a state? #2

Rights & dissent Ramallah

I’ve never thought of the Mediterranean as Israel’s sea, but as mine. Not just as a Palestinian, but simply as my personal sea.

So, we applied for a state? #1

Rights & dissent Ramallah

As I listen to the news of a pending Palestinian state application, I can’t help but wonder: what kind of a country are we giving our students?

First year survival guide

For professors in Palestine

Rights & dissent Jerusalem

I always give myself an hour to get to Abu Deis. Before Qalandia Checkpoint, the Wall, settler roads and traffic, the trip used to take 30 minutes at most.

Dreaming of debris

Juliano Mer Khamis

Rights & dissent Jenin

Juliano Mer Khemis, who established the Freedom Theater in Jenin, was assassinated on April 4, 2011 by a masked gunman in Jenin refugee camp.

أحلام الحطام

جوليانو مير خميس

Rights & dissent Jenin

جوليانو مير خميس، ممثلاً وناشطاً وأساساً مسرح الحرية في جنين، قتل رمياً بالرصاص بتاريخ 4 أبريل 2011 على يد مسلح ملثم في مخيم جنين للاجئين