Everyday Libya

During the eight months of war in 2011, Libya was the topic of daily media all over the world. But things have changed since. After the end of the fighting, reporters left and people turned their eyes elsewhere. There was little room for stories and reports from the country any more, especially as instability spread elsewhere in the region. We’re therefore happy to share a series of photos from Libya this week, taken by Marine Casalis, a journalist who currently lives in Tripoli. Her photo blog can be found here.

Desert shipwreck.

Tripoli architecture.

On the way back to Niger.

Tripoli’s old town.

Sunrise over Tripoli’s harbour.

The naval academy in Janzur, now a camp for the internally displaced Tawerghans.

A wall inside the camp. “Free Libya. Tawergha”.

The residents of Tawergha are accused of having fought with Gaddafi troops during the war and committing rapes and massacres in the neighbouring city of Misrata. They were expelled from Tawergha in August 2011. 20-30,000 of them now live in camps, mainly in Tripoli and Benghazi.

Men from the Tenere brigade patrolling southwest of Ubari.

Shahat, eastern Libya.

Café Bakruj, Benghazi.

Paddle boats, downtown Tripoli.

The Friday pet market in Tripoli.

The beach downtown, Tripoli.

The national bowls tournament, Tripoli.

Sirte from above.

An army hangar in Al-Bayda.

Ice cream and wrestling, Benghazi.

The Laguna amusement park, Benghazi.

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