The self-taught tattoo artist

George Mikalides

“I haven’t been taught by anyone, I did it by myself. I started first by doing tattoos on my own body.”

George Mikalides, a Lebanese of Armenian descent, is a self-taught tattoo artist and multi skilled person.

Besides tattooing, he also paints and creates wooden sculptures.

“I used to make paintings and graffiti, which led me to do interior design. Then, I discovered tattooing and sculpturing. I’m adventurous, I love trying everything that’s new. Whenever I feel that a certain thing could be tough or scary to do, I see myself doing it. I’m confident and that’s a good gift.”

George, who is a father of two kids, is a baker as well: he owns a manakish place in Naba’a nearby Bourj Hammoud.

He sells the beloved Lebanese version of pizza, a thin bread baked with olive oil, spices, cheese or other ingredients.

“When I started tattooing I had a rough time at first, but I succeeded in the end. I can create my own tattoo machines now; I’m still shaping my skills and learning new things everyday”.


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