Food is life, in the Middle East and elsewhere. Moving beyond cooking and recipes, we set out to explore food as a manifestation of collective memory, heritage and political struggle.

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The allure of the Armenian apricot 22.07.13 — Liana Aghajanian Society Yerevan

Ask anyone in Armenia — be it diasporan, repatriate, resident or tourist — where to find the best apricots in the world. The answer you’ll receive is: here.

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In Sona’s kitchen 24.07.13 — Jenny Gustafsson, Karim Mostafa Society Beirut

Sona Tikidjian is Beirut’s modest but shining star of Armenian cooking. Come make su börek and pastries in her kitchen.

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Internet delicacies 28.07.13 — Mashallah Team CultureSociety Aleppo Beirut Benghazi Damascus Izmir Mashallah region Tehran Tripoli Yerevan

Delicious, tasty, cute and culinary Middle Eastern food blogs and websites enjoyed by Mashallah News, licking our fingers.

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Ripe figs, Arab frittata and other Lebanese essentials 30.07.13 — Paola Salwan Daher CultureSociety Beirut

Paola Salwan Daher, with a family exiled to Europe because of the Lebanese Civil War, identifies food as the link with her roots.

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The anti-capitalist iftar 02.08.13 — Clément Girardot, Gregory Dziedzic Rights & dissent Istanbul

Eating anti-capitalism: Gezi park protesters set a communal street table as the demonstrations coincided with Ramadan.

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Iraqi-Jewish cuisine revived in Dubai 10.08.13 — Sophie Chamas Society Dubai

Bringing back life to Iraqi-Jewish cuisine during one evening in Dubai at culinary artist Michael Rakowitz’s pop-up restaurant.

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In praise of poetry 14.08.13 — Azita Houshiar Society Tehran

Iranian culture, with thousand-years old roots, bear testament to a heritage of lyrical nourishment. Azita Houshiar tells its culinary story.

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