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Recommended food blogs and websites

For our food series, Mashallah News wants to highlight some of the best food blogs and websites from around the region. Send in your suggestions for additions to our list to or @MashallahNews. 

Roads and Kingdom: an international website but very enticing feature stories about food, including lately about the spicy sauce of the Yemeni Jews in Israel, let’s hope more is coming about the Middle East.

Istanbul Eats: The best website about food in Istanbul, with lots of surprising restaurants reviews, some nice feature stories. A great guide to explore the “culinary Babel.”

Kebabistan: “Exploring Eurasia’s food culture bite by bite” is the motto of this blog written by Yigal Schleifer that gives regular updates and curates other articles about food in Turkey, Caucasus and Central Asia.

dirty kitchen secrets

Dirty Kitchen Secrets:  A blog by Lebanese cook Bethany Kehdy, which translates famously time-intensive and complex Lebanese recipes into accessible, easy-to-follow recipes.

My Culinary Journey Through Lebanon: Barbara Massaad is a Lebanese journalist and culinary explorer who goes across the country in search for “good food and good friends”. She wrote beautiful books on mouneh, the traditional way of preserving food, and mana’oushe, the Lebanese version of pizza.

MidEATS: A comprehensive Middle East food blog, featuring easily searchable recipes, and interviews and news about food and food blogging from around the region.

Fig and quince

Fig and Quince: An absolutely charming blog featuring recipes and wonderful food stories from three generations of Iranian-Americans.

A Syrian Foodie in London: A fantastic collection of recipes and anecdotes from Damascus, Aleppo and other parts of Syria. The author of the blog lives in London but the food is 100% Shami!

We Are Food: A blog about Libyan food and culinary traditions. Not updated any longer but makes a nice archive of a much unknown North African eating culture.


Zaytouneh: Say goodbye to your old cookbooks, and welcome to the new way of learning how to cook. Founded in Jordan by Fida Taher, it is the first website in the Middle East that offers its users free and short video recipes, all in Arabic.


Anissa Helou: Mediterranean food author and journalist Anissa Helou recounts food stories from her travels in the Levant and beyond.

Antonio Tahhan: An Aleppan and travel food blog from a Syrian-Venezuelan-American writer.

Cocina Marroqui: A Spanish language blog featuring recipes and up close screen-lickable food pictures from Morocco.

Land and People: Author and university professor Rami Zurayk writes an excellent blog on the current state of agriculture and the challenges faced by farmers in countries across the Levant. The blog has not been updated for a while but makes a great resource for anyone interested in understanding the implications for food producers of large-scale political change.

Tumeric and Saffron: An Iranian food blog with a very thorough index and gorgeous professional pictures.

Libyan Food: A great blog filled with recipes and how-to instructions for cooking Libyan dishes. The illustrated instructions should make it easy enough for anyone to make delicacies like the thick omelette ejja, the date filled cookies magroodh or the classic shurba libiya, Libyan soup.


The Spice Spoon: “Cooking without borders” is the motto of this blog crossing the food frontiers of Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

Orange Blossom Water: A website by Syrian blogger Dimah on Syrian cuisine. Dimah has been sharing dishes, recipes and techniques since 2009, learned from Syrian mothers and grandmothers, and not from some random books.

Permanent Hunger: Blog by Marilyn Zakhour on Lebanese dishes and food culture. Her articles are creative and fun, pleasant to read like her “22 things to have in the pantry of your new apartment” or “Moving out of Lebanon? Here’s a checklist of food to take with you”.

Ya Salam Cooking: First Saudi recipe blog started by designer Noor AlQahtani. She shares her different recipes for dishes that come in very handy for the Ramadan Iftars.

The Armenian Kitchen: Robyn and Douglas Kalajian, retired culinary teacher and author/retired journalist, share Armenian recipes.


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