The Arab …what?

Live reporting from Beirut

Mashallah News is happy to introduce a new feature: live reporting from events and debates across the Mashallah world. Through following our Twitter account @MashallahNews and the live streams posted on the website, you will get instant updates from the events we’re covering. And please interact with us using the # selected for each occasion! This time it’s #IFIpanel

We’re starting with a debate held at Beirut’s AUB by the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs. The talk, which is moderated by the institute’s director Rami G. Khouri, goes under the name “Understanding the Arab …Spring? Uprising? Revolution? Awakening? Citizen Revolt?”. Panelists are Fawwaz Traboulsi, lecturer, writer and historian, who is also a long time journalist and author of A Modern History of Lebanon; Tarek Mitri, Senior Research Fellow at the institute and former Minister of Culture and Minister of Information; and Rabab al-Mahdi, Assistant Professor of Political Science at AUC, co-editor of Egypt: The Moment of Change, and active in the Egyptian revolts.

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