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Sabah is a woman from Khuza’ah, a Gaza village located on the Israeli border. She directs the local association Beit Almostuqbul, which provides support to village women and families who don’t receive any social assistance.

She is a widow and lives together with four of her five children. Her and her family have seen their lands and farms get destroyed by Israeli bulldozers creating a “buffer zone” along the entire border.

This is not the only challenge faced by Sabah and her family. In Gaza, the economy is strained, free speech is limited, and opportunities are scarce. Sabah’s eldest son, Mohammad, fled to Spain after the Israeli bombardment of Gaza in 2008. He is still in Spain, living as a political refugee.

Sabah thinks of her son and prays every day for his return. At the same time, she sees how one of her other sons, Abdo, shares the same desperate will to escape Gaza.

Om Mohammad is a portrait of the daily life, problems, and expectations shared by many women in Gaza. It was shot by Spanish photographer and film maker Dani Lagartofernández in 2011.

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  1. brings tears to my eyes…especially thinking about the patience of um mohammad, and the bleak outlook.

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