Woman of the night

A Sevgilim photo-novel

At the beginning of the 1970s, photo-novels were popular in Turkey. This particular one was found in the Sevgilim Fotoroman (Darling Photo-Novel) magazine, dated from May 20, 1970. The only Turkish photo story in this issue, it was featured together with a collection of Italian ones, all of which were translated into Turkish. The photo-novel format originated in Italy after the Second World War and many magazines around the world went on and adopted it. Today, however, photo-novels are not nearly as popular.

Most of the Italian stories were melodramatic, starring famous cinema stars of the time. So did many Turkish ones. Other famous publications include Cep Fotoroman and Hayat Resimli Roman .

There was even a Sex Foto Roman which probably featured fearless Turkish erotic productions.

Most of these photo-novels were made using stills from real eponym films. This is the case of Gecelerin Kadını (Woman of the Night), a Yeşilçam style movie from 1964 featuring famous actress Neriman Köksal and actor Ediz Hun.

Yesilçam productions still make contemporary viewers smile due to their patent imperfections. They are still broadcasted on TV, attracting all generations. Below follow the first pages translated into English of the photo-novel Gecelerin Kadını (Woman of the Night).

Thanks to Ismaël Abdallah and Helen Southcott for their help.



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