The big brother of Arabic hip hop

Culture Beirut

Lebanese rapper Wael Kodeih, also known as Rayess Bek, is one of the creators of Arabic hip hop. Mashallah News had the opportunity to meet with him.

زيارة سوق السمك في مدينة جدة

Society Jeddah

غطوا أنفكم جيداً، وانتعلوا الأحذية المغلقة واستعدوا للاستيقاظ باكراً لزيارة أحد مواقع جدة الأكثر اهتماماً وتشويقاً: سوق السمك، أو ما يعرف بين الهواة بالبنقلة

A day in the bangala

Jeddah's fish market

Society Jeddah

Get your nose prepared and put nothing valuable on: wake up early to visit one of Jeddah’s more interesting spots.

Fareeq el Atrash

Modern time poetry

Culture Beirut

Meet Lebanon’s hip hop underground stars — Fareeq el Atrash, whose lyrics and groove and funky bass lines spread love across the region.

Uncle Salem

The old man and the beads

Society Jeddah

Salem Bakar has held his shop for 38 years in Jeddah’s Al-Balad. Yemeni by origin but Saudi by heart, he’s one of the fascinating people you’re likely to meet there.

Saudi women – the new workforce

Labor reforms and the gender gap at work

Rights & dissentSociety Jeddah

Efforts have been made in Saudi Arabia to develop women’s education, in the prospect to make them participate more in the Saudi working force.

The art of deception

Who said there is a lack of women’s rights in Lebanon?

Rights & dissent Beirut

Unlike popular belief, Lebanon still has a long road ahead in terms of women’s most basic rights.

Noufie: the first Saudi stand-up comedienne

CultureSociety Jeddah

Saudi Arabia has seen an incredible increase in stand-up acts and satirists. One of them is Noufie, the first female stand-up comedian in the country.