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Fiction about 'Fate'

nation estate - Larissa Sansour
Picture by Larissa Sansour, from her series Nation Estate.

UPDATE: The deadline for submitting your text to the fiction series has been extended until February 16th.

Attention storytellers, word weavers and possessors of wild imaginations. Mashallah News is happy to announce a call for submissions for our first fiction series.

The theme is simple. We would like to invite writers – aspiring or established – to imagine alternative fates for what is, at present, a complicated Middle East. While the various crises sweeping the region might oppress our sense of what is possible and confine our hopes to a handful of initiatives, our imaginations are beyond the scope of contemporary limitations. By inviting writers to use the tools of fiction to contemplate the farfetched and seemingly impossible, we hope to spark a very real debate about what kinds of future Middle Easts are conceivable.

Please note that we’re not looking for sweeping prescriptions, manifestos or grand narratives, but rather personal and intimate reflections on specific aspects of the Middle Eastern tomorrow. We’re open to multiple genres, not just straightforward narratives. If you want to submit a piece of experimental writing or poetry, please go ahead.

The deadline is February 3rd. If you want to send us a pitch before writing your story, please do so, we’re happy to help you build your narrative. Fiction knows no word limits, so don’t worry too much about that, but please don’t send us a novella; we have to leave room for others. Finally, we accept submissions in English, Arabic, Turkish and French.

You can reach us at We look forward to your submissions.

The Mashallah News team

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  1. Hi,

    I tried sending you an email with my synopsis just to see if I’m on the right track but apparently, there’s something wrong with your email address.

    Anyway, here it is: “A young man in his 30’s is happily married with a small family of his own. One night, while cleaning his study, he comes across his old diary where entries of his former 24 year old recounts the tale of his fallen country, Egypt and what the future might hold for it.”

    Does this sound okay? or will I be breaking the rules?

    Thank you,

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