Where and how to live in KSA?

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Monopoly is a short movie by Saudi director Bader Al-Homoud. The film is courtesy to every citizen in Saudi Arabia sleeping under a roof that she or he does not own.

“I’ve been in this van for two months now. I eat and sleep here, I have my own stove, chair, bed, laptop, wireless internet and TV. I can go wherever I want with my van. And I live by the sea. I’ve developed a relationship with my van.” The short film’s lead character Mohammad Al-Qahtani.

Economics author Essam Al-Zamil speaks about Saudi Arabia’s housing problem in the film. “In order for someone to afford a residence in Saudi Arabia, their salary must be 15,000 riyal or more ($4.000). The percentage of Saudis with salaries over 15,000 are less than 10% of the households. The average salary for a government position is less than 7,200 riyals ($1,950). In the private sector, it might not exceed 3,200 riyals ($850). In the coming ten years, the need for housing will be over two million units. The new generation of youth are the ones most affected by the expensive real estate prices. And young people make up the majority of Saudis today. Solving this issue should be the highest priority for those in charge.”


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