Roads of levities

Visual Sunday


As a person who spends a considerable amount of time traveling between places, I knew at that some point I had to take out my camera and start shooting. On the road, I always find things that are both soothing and alienating. A sense of levity when being in unfamiliar territories; the feeling that space is condensed in time. An overwhelming emotional boredom, ennui, when realising how Sisyphean a journey can be.

I never planned to make a series on travelling around Egypt. It happened by itself. Most photos in this series are shot with a mobile phone for that very reason, and also because the phone attracts almost no attention (unless people are aware that you’re photographing them). As time went by, I found myself attached to these pictures in a mystical way – even though I didn’t really understand them.

The series was shot in different cities and on board different means of transportation. The photos were not taken in a willful way, intended to be part of a series, so in a sense they are not. But I still won’t say the work happened haphazardly. It’s when this kairos of levity weighs on me that I start shooting.

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