Tahrir, we love you

A tribute to the Egyptian people

This is Cairo when the people of Egypt started to fight for freedom. We dedicate these pictures to all the activists of the Hisham Mubarak and 6th of April movements who were arrested yesterday and who probably won’t enjoy day light and a hot meal for a long time. Without them, and a million people coming daily to Tahrir square, this revolution wouldn’t have happened.



More efficient than a slogan even

Monday, soldiers chilling on their tanks

Monday night on Tahrir

Everyone was out on Tahrir on Tuesday

Colourful crowds

Tuesday, getting organised

Waiting for Mubarak to announce his — yet to come — departure

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5 thoughts on “Tahrir, we love you

  1. Beautiful photos. This people is happy ! At last, at last… Whatever the future, this is a unique moment in the life !

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