To be continued

Tahrir, Cairo

We wrote our words on the walls
because you would not hear us
but at least the city would

And when you drowned us out with smoke and bullets
we left our blood in the concrete

We wrote our names on the walls
so that you would remember
here we died
with friends, brothers we never met
so that you would hold onto
the glory we fought for

but soon you began to forget

And the walls were painted over
The streets swept clean
They planted grass in Tahrir Square
where our bodies once lay
free, hopeful, victorious
Something you will never be
And now the walls are clean
as if we never were

The Walls by Soraya Morayef

The pictures were taken on and around Tahrir Square during the last demonstrations by Karim Mostafa.

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17 thoughts on “To be continued

  1. Great pix thanks for Mashalla news for covering the Egyptian revolution from Tahrir square

  2. This is extremely high quality content. Amazing photographs, fantastic and courageous coverage and reportage. Long way to go, Mashallah!

  3. Wonderful content as usual – Thank you for covering the revolution so frankly and so beautifully

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