Parkour in Dubai

There are different ways of experiencing a city. You can eat your way through it, speak to its people, walk its streets or lay down in its parks. In the case of Dubai, many get to know it through its highways, air-conditioned spaces and indoors areas. The heat is one reason to stay inside, the lack of pedestrian-friendly infrastructure another.

But, there are radically different ways to interact with Dubai as well. This short documentary by San Diego filmmaker Jason Ilyas Curtis introduces a group of Abu Dhabi based parkour traceurs in Dubai. It was shot during a photo gathering two years ago but still gives a fresh, original and passionate take on Dubai, its buildings, monuments and streets.

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5 thoughts on “Parkour in Dubai

  1. Hi, if you do parkour in dubai im interested to meet up one day

  2. Hi, im from iran, im a traceur. I practicing parkour & freeruning…i wana com to dubai & meet youre parkour team..this my number in iran:00989368268295…whats youre number???if you can call me..i whitgh youre call..

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