Young Journalists in the Mediterranean

2nd edition video competition

For its second edition, the JJEM Young Journalists in the Mediterranean competition broadens its horizons to invite video reporters living in Algeria, Egypt, France, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia to produce 6 to 10 minute films documenting community resistance through artistic practices and post them on the Web Arts Resistances platform.

Artistic practices – from street art to theater, music, dance, poetry and performance, photography and video – are often used to involve communities, raise awareness and stimulate interest in local issues left out or forgotten by politics and traditional media.

In times when mainstream media are saturated with images of shattered societies, there are still some who remain dedicated to fight bitterness through finding alternative ways for people to coexist. Artistic creativity is used to advocate basic human rights and strengthen social connections – exactly the kinds of community resistance that the JJEM Young Journalists in the Mediterranean competition wants to promote.

A jury of journalists from the six media partners of Web Arts Resistances (Babelmed, Inkyfada, Mashallah News, OnOrient, Radio M and Tabasco Vidéo) will select four winners, each of which will receive a prize of 1,000 euros for the production of their documentary.


The competition addresses video reporters under 30 years old, who have already graduated, are students, or self-taught citizen journalits and wish to tell, through images, stories of involvement and urban resistance through artistic practice in Algeria, Egypt, France, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco or Tunisia.


Young video reporters are encouraged to document artistic practices in urban spaces that involve communities and forms of expression aimed at the regeneration and transformation of civil society in mentioned countries.


Simply post your videos before May 10 on the Web Arts Resistances platform. All candidates will remain anonymous and their works will be evaluated by the jury, before the list of winners is published on May 15.


All submitted documentaries will be judged by the journalist jury from the six Web Arts Resistances media partners. Each of the four winners – to be considered ex-aequo – will receive a prize of 1,000 euros.


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