An artist in a carpet shop

Last week when out with the camera, I came across Mr Nazareth. First, I just saw the old man sitting alone doing nothing. Thinking. When I came closer to him, I saw that his small shop was full of carpets. I asked how was he doing and he looked me right in the eyes. “I’m an artist,” he told me. “I sew and make carpets.”

At that moment, I started shooting him. He was so happy to meet someone asking about him and taking photos of his work. Because, he truly is an artist, although he’s ended up alone in his small shop where no one ever asks about him. He showed me a local magazine in which he was featured a long time ago. He was very proud. I told Mr Nazareth that I’ll visit him again to show the photos and this article about him. Kudos to all artists around the world.

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3 thoughts on “An artist in a carpet shop

  1. An artist shooting another artist. beautiful set, lovely colors also, a nice change from b/w and it turned out great!!! keep it up krik!!!!

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