Break the dance in Diyarbakır

Diyarbakır, the biggest Kurdish city in southeastern Turkey, is more famous for its excellent folk dancers than its b-boys. But these also exist. 20 years old Orhan (right on the picture), who joins folk dance competitions from time to time, is very proud that the former Turkey breakdance champion is from his city. Every evening, Orhan and his friends meet in a gymnasium to practice breakdance.

This hip hop dance was first imported to Diyarbakır in 2003 by the brother of Orhan who had attended a show in Izmir. Now, there are around 30 b-boys in the city, and the best of them are former gymnastics. To become a good b-boy, one needs years of practice: “Breakdance is difficult, says Orhan, take the Air flare for example.”

Before going to the gym, Orhan and his friends watch new moves on internet and download breakbeat tracks for the sound atmosphere. “Four years ago, people came to us and said: ‘This is shit, what are you doing? Do some local folk instead’ They did not understand it,” remembers Orhan. “But now, people like it.”

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