Champollion Street

Portraits from the heart of Cairo


Champollion is a busy street in the middle of Cairo’s Wust el-Balad. The street is both residential and thriving with activity, lined as it is with car mechanics, workshops, sidewalk cafes and small shops. Champollion Street is also home to Cairo’s most famous koshary joint, Abu Tarek, and the formerly glorious palace-turned-boys’-school from 1896. As today’s Visual Sunday, Mashallah shares a series of portraits from the neighbourhood. All pictures are taken in 2011 and 2012 by Karim Mostafa.

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3 thoughts on “Champollion Street

  1. The Egyptians are a fantastic people. Very strong photos. Beautiful!

  2. i’ve been to your country twice and fell in love with egyptians. such warmth, strength, humour and resilience. these photos capture each person’s unique personality and pride. God bless.

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