The anti-capitalist iftar

Rights & dissent Istanbul

Eating anti-capitalism: Gezi park protesters set a communal street table as the demonstrations coincided with Ramadan.

After Gezi

Visual Sunday

Rights & dissent Istanbul

In Istanbul’s Gezi Park where things, no matter what it looks like, have not gone back to “normal”.

Hypnotized Istanbul

CultureUrban change Istanbul

Forget ugly & awkward banners on old school websites – Erdal Inci creates hypnotising and captivating GIFs from a crazy world

İstanbul GIF formatında

Culture Istanbul

Son yıllarda video sanatçısı Erdal İnci anime edilmiş Gif resimleri üzerine çalışıyor. Bu garip logoları unutun, onun eserleri orijinal ve şaşırtıcı.

Songs of resistance

The music of Occupy Gezi

CultureRights & dissent Istanbul

The Occupy Gezi protests of 2013 in Turkey produced a number of creative Turkish protest songs and music videos.

Turkish universities under pressure

Visual Sunday

Rights & dissent Istanbul

Youth group TÖDİ campaigns for university students detained for political reasons, staging protests, monitoring trials and providing information about their situation.

Pembe serisi

CultureUrban change Ankara

İki hafta önce bir “Avareler” adlı grubunun üyesi “Pembe serisi” adlı yeni resim sergisini facebook’ta paylaştı. Bir tanesi sosyal ağda hemen popüler olmuş.

The pink series

Interview with Avareler

CultureUrban change Ankara

Avareler is a street art collective based in Ankara. For the past few years they have been covering Ankara’s walls with pink, ironic artworks.

Electro life

Culture Beirut

Meet Jad, aka Funny Death, who began writing music in the Ivory Coast, then in Lebanon, but says his tunes remain detached from both.

A weird passion

Old Turkish "remake" films grow international fandom

Culture Istanbul

In recent years, the strange sci-fi and action film remakes from Turkey in the 70s and 80s have grown their own online international cult following