Madas sharqi

Saudi Arabia's singature sandals

Society Riyadh

Originally made for walking in the desert, Saudi Arabia’s traditional leather slippers are used all over the country and sometimes still made by hand

Welcoming spring

Lebanon's Kurds celebrate Newroz


Lebanon’s Kurdish community – many of whom are refugees from the Syrian parts of Kurdistan – celebrate Newroz at Dalieh, a rare piece of public space near the sea in Beirut.

Falafel in Algeria

Syrian refugees bring new restaurants

Society Algiers

In Algeria, the most visible sign of the country’s over 40,000 Syrian refugees is many newly opened restaurants.

From the supermarket with love

Algeria's first food bank

Society Algiers

Entirely youth-run, the Algerian Food Bank collects groceries from shoppers, to feed families during Ramadan.

New art in an old market

Picturie Générale III in Algiers

Culture Algiers

Picturie Générale exhibits new Algerian art in one of Algiers’ iconic old markets, closed for the past thirty years.

Making peace on the roof

CultureSociety Tripoli LB

An age-old saga of peace, love and war bringing together youth from Tripoli’s long time adversaries Bab Al-Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen.

In Sona’s kitchen

From Armenia to Beirut

Society Beirut

Sona Tikidjian is Beirut’s modest but shining star of Armenian cooking. Come make su börek and pastries in her kitchen.

Enter the khala

Kushti in Dubai

Society Dubai

On an open, dusty field nearby Dubai’s fish market, the age-old Indian/Pakistani kushti wrestling gathers crowds of spectators every week.

Along the road in the Bekaa

Society Beirut

Syrian families, all ages working in the fields growing tobacco, potatoes and vegetables, living on the roadsides of Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley

Champollion Street

Portraits from the heart of Cairo

Society Cairo

Champollion is a busy street in the middle of Cairo’s Wust el-Balad. The street is both residential and thriving with activity, lined as it is with car mechanics, workshops, sidewalk cafes and small shops. Champollion Street is also home to Cairo’s most famous koshary joint, Abu Tarek, and the formerly glorious palace-turned-boys’-school from 1896. As […]