Parkour in Dubai

Culture Dubai

There are different ways of living a city. You can eat your way through it, speak to its people, walk its streets or lay down in its parks. Or – parkour it.

Back in 1943

Visual Sunday

Culture Beirut

Lebanon’s 1943 independence and unity dreams inspired the co-direction of David Habchy and Tania Saleh.

From a textile factory to Magnum

Nazem Jawish

Society Aleppo

Nazem Jawish has studied photography at Le Pont gallery in Aleppo for the past eight years. His series “Exile” reflects on the daily life of his 250 fellow workers in a textile factory in the city. Because he was working more than 12 hours per day at the factory, Jawish had no choice but to take pictures […]

Lebanese Jews

Rebuilding the synagogue and the community

SocietyUrban change Beirut

Beirut’s beautiful synagogue, destroyed during Lebanon’s civil war, is slowly being rebuilt by the country’s small Jewish community

وجهة نظر مختلفة حول اللجوء والهجرة

ورشة عمل في بيروت 16- 17 آذار/مارس 2018

Mashallah region

هل أنت صحافيّ أو لديك خبرة في مجال الإعلام والكتابة أو تعمل مع اللاجئين وتتناول شؤون الهجرة والمهجرين؟ قدم طلب الاشتراك!

New reflections on exile and migration

Workshop in Beirut 16-17 March

Mashallah region

Are you a journalist, someone with experience in media and writing, or someone working with refugees and migration in Lebanon? Consider joining this workshop.