The kanka series

More than just friends

Society Istanbul

Photographer Camille McOuat noticed the importance of friendship in Turkey. When wandering Istanbul’s streets, she started to take pictures of friends.

Meet Gabriel Luis Manga

The man behind Mashallah's mixes

Culture Mashallah region

Meet Gabriel Luis Manga, who has curated our Mashallah mixes since 2014. He talks about the current state of contemporary music from the Middle East – and why he wants it to spread.

Dream in pink

Jamal Penjweny's wondrous world

Society Baghdad

A guitar, a sea of fish, birds flying from the barrel of a gun. All in fluorescent pink, painted by Iraqi photographer Jamal Penjweny.

Dubai iftars

Society Dubai

During the last decade, Ramadan in Dubai has become more & more commercialised. Still, in parts of the city, communal outdoors iftars bring people together.

Call for submissions: Night series

SocietyUrban change Mashallah region

For our second themed series, Mashallah in collaboration with our friends from Knooz Room are looking for stories from across the Middle East on the topic of night.

Syrian voices from Jordan

Culture Amman

Voices – a blog for Syrian refugees in Jordan to share their stories.

اصوات سورية من الأردن

Culture Amman

مشروع صوت مدونة تنشر القصص من اللاجئين السوريين في الأردن. ننشر مجموعة مختارة من هذه المقالات والشعر وعلى المدونة يوجد ايضا أرشيفا كبيرا من القصص الشخصية

To walk Palestine

Expanding a shrinking country

Rights & dissentSociety Ramallah

There are very few footpaths in Palestine. Most old walkways have become roads for cars, widened savagely by bulldozers running over the olive groves.

Casablanca by night

Visual Sunday

Culture Casablanca

In Noctyl, young Moroccan director Hamza Benkirane takes us on a nightly tour of Casablanca. We drive through the white city’s empty yet fascinating streets.

Routes series

Call for submissions

SocietyUrban change Mashallah region

Call for submissions for “ROUTES”, our first long-form, interactive, themed series in collaboration with Knooz Room, who are also developing our new website.