One in four

On world refugee day

Rights & dissentSociety Beirut

On this year’s World Refugee Day, we are sharing photos by Oliver Tooke who documented the situation of Syrian refugees in Lebanon.


Visual Sunday

Culture Beirut

Gab Ferneiné, film maker with the video Safineh (“Boat” in Arabic), thinks that Beirut should reclaim its identity as a port city

Mashallah News book

Beirut Re-Collected

CultureSocietyUrban change Beirut

Beirut Re-Collected, Mashallah News’ first adventure in print: a narrative + visual book with lost stories from the Lebanese capital

Livre Mashallah News

Beyrouth, chroniques et détours

CultureSocietyUrban change Beirut

Mashallah News, en collaboration avec le studio AMI, a publié en mars 2014 un livre dédié à Beyrouth, mélangeant narration et photographie.

Call for submissions

Fiction about 'Fate'

Culture Mashallah region

Call for submissions! Mashallah is looking for short fiction pieces on the theme of ‘Fate.’ Deadline 16 February 2014.

1001 chairs of Cairo

CultureUrban change Cairo

Cairo and the city’s endless city chairs – and their presidents.

Characters of Egypt

Society Mashallah region

People from all Egypt’s bedouin tribes, gathered for a festival among the rocks and stones and sand in Marsa Alam.

Fields of loneliness

CultureSociety Tehran

Iranian photographer Hamed Masoumi’s series “Fields of loneliness” from July 2010 captures serenity and vast stillness.

Road song

Visual Sunday

Culture Yerevan

Tigran Hamasyan, one of Armenia’s most acclaimed jazz pianists, brought to the screens in the dreamlike music video “Road Song.”

Wires and cables

Visual Sunday

SocietyUrban change Beirut

Vintage photos of when electricity was brought to the Beqaa in eastern Lebanon, discovered in a pile at Beirut’s flea market Souk al Ahad.