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Beirut Re-Collected

In March 2014, Mashallah News, in collaboration with the designers from AMI, published a book about Beirut, mixing narration and photography: Beirut Re-Collected (in French Beyrouth, chroniques et détours), published by Tamyras.

In Beirut, the boundaries between past, present and future are often blurred. Much has been written already about this wounded, resurrected, cursed and magical city. But what kind of human stories reveal themselves through the cracks of this fascinating metropolis?

In the book, authors from Beirut have wandered around the city to collect some of its lost and forgotten stories. They have traced personal trajectories and found little-known places which together form the pieces of a vast puzzle: modern Beirut with all its nuances.

We have collected nineteen stories that narrate grief, oblivion, nostalgia, yearning and bygone moments – stories that visit the Beirut of yesterday, explore the Beirut of today and, hopefully, imagine the possible Beirut(s) of tomorrow.

Throughout the book, the stories overlap and echo one another. The book is about the memories of an exiled mother, treasures found deep in the sea, an abandoned railway, trompe-l’oeil houses, benevolent mini-bus drivers, a gypsy prince, the secrets of Lebanese calligraphers, a hospital-turned-squat-house, and Beirut’s Sunday market.

In Beirut Re-Collected, a new generation of writers and journalists pays tribute to the complexity of the Lebanese capital and to the destinies it has shaped. Through these recollections we wanted to preserve what the city is at risk of losing.

The book is available in all libraries in Lebanon, as well as in some in France and Switzerland. It is also sold online, via Antoine Online.

After having launched the French version last week during the Paris book fair, Mashallah News invites you to the Beirut book launch which will take place on Thursday April 10, at Radio Beirut in Mar Mikhael, from 6 to 10 pm. Both versions of the book will be available during the event.


Tala Abu Rahmeh

Farah Aridi

Nasri Atallah

Jad Baaklini

Chloé Benoist

Marine Casalis

Sophie Chamas

Clément Girardot

Jenny Gustafsson

Cynthia Khattar

Marie Kostrz

Saad Kurdi

Denise Maroney

Richard Pelgrim

Marisol Rifai

Sandra Rishani

Paola Salwan Daher

Nathalie Shooter

Micheline Tobia

Sarah Lily Yassine

Media Coverage: 

Daily Star

An Nahar


Future TV


TV5 Monde

France Inter

RTS La 1ère

Nova Planet

La couleur des jours


Le Courrier

L’agenda culturel

L’Orient Le Jour

Some images from the book:





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