Down and out in Bourj Hammoud

Klashnikof Boghos


Klashinkof Boghos, also known as Boghos 008, is a Lebanese-Armenian born and living in the center of Beirut’s Armenian quarter Bourj Hammoud. He spends most of his time in the neighbourhood where you can see him in the street drinking whiskey and talking about his never-ending adventures.

Boghos is a true extraordinary character. I used to see him when walking around in Bourj Hammoud, but I never spoke to him. Then, after seeing some of his videos on Youtube, I decided to go and talk with him and take some photos.

Boghos told me that he agrees with the idea that he is crazy. He loves alcohol, which he believes makes him more alive. In his own eyes, he is the king of his neighbourhood, and no one can do anything wrong while he is around. At the same time, he is struggling a lot in his life because he does not make any money anymore.

In one of the videos, Boghus says “My Heart is tearing in blood.” I was surprised to hear that people from outside Lebanon who saw this, had sent him money to pay his bills. When I mention the word internet to him, he gets excited. After all, that is what made him a famous character outside of Bourj Hammoud.

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14 thoughts on “Down and out in Bourj Hammoud

  1. This is such a beautiful photo essay love the Black and white and the photos are so nice !

  2. Mher: he doesn’t sell anything he just tells stories about his past and he acts all macho and i am the king style ;)

  3. He sells fish guys! he is one crazy drunk man that all the people talking about he’s stupidity. Wake up people!! if we are going to laugh on every crazy drunk man, we will die laughing. And don’t make him a big hero. He is a Drunk stupid man

  4. Boghos is the epidemy of Western Armenian humour, and in particular Lebanese Armenian Humour. He combines truth to tell stores plus humour to entertain us, which is what most Armenians are very good at. His humour includes strong metaphors which most Armenians including my family dont understand as firstly it is mainly understood by Lebanese Armenians and secondly its difficult to understand if humour is not your department. On top of metaphors strong punchlines which are worth waiting for. Also the interconectivity of of his humour which combines methaphors, twists and punchlines with more twists. Anyone who understands humour understands Boghos. All my mates make me laugh in exactly the same mannerism the only difference being, people dont have the patients to listen and understand Boghos’s style of entertainment. To be honest, I dont think he realises his skills in entertainment but its something Armenians are very good at, oral history and humour.Its a pity my Australian friends understand the full breadth of his humour while Eastern Armenians struggle. Anyway to each there own!!! I hope he continues entertaining us…

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