Graphic pain

Visual Sunday

Today’s Visual Sunday is a series of illustrations from Damascus. Since the conflict in Syria began to grow more and more painful, we have seen many artistic comments from creative Syrians. Sulafa Hijazi is one such example — with simple graphical sketches, she powerfully visualises what is going on in her country.

Sulafa Hijazi 3

Sulafa is a writer and director of children’s animations, who has been working with illustrations, documentaries, live drama and puppet shows since 1997. She was part of founding Spacetoon, the first free Arabic satellite channel for children, and she recently established the digital art production house blue.dar. The illustrations published below all deal with the current situation in Syria.

“As an artist, I felt I had to be involved in the political scene somehow, but I’m experiencing mixed feelings. Fear, violence, rebellion, freedom and hope in the future. I started doing my own work of digital art as a platform for expressing my thoughts and feelings. My illustrations are inspired by my background in theatre, drama, animation and fine arts. I believe that, among all that is happening, art will always be a powerful and peaceful weapon.”

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