Nature clash at the border line

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The border between Lebanon and Israel is also a border separating greenery and dry land. David Habchy, a graphic designer and illustrator from Beirut, travelled to Lebanon’s southern border and published this photo series. 

It later won an award of the Environmental Fund for Lebanon (EFL) competition, set in the context of the Lebanese-German Environmental Forum. 

“At the beginning of October, I went on a road trip to the south of Lebanon. It was my first visit to the south. It all happened after the Imagination Studio, a workshop created by Joanna Choukeir, launched to mobilize young adults on the issue of geographical segregation in Lebanon.

The three days trip was full of surprises. I was amazed that we have such beauty in our country. The landscapes, the nature, the sea, the people are still so fresh and vibrant. It’s so sad that we rarely visit the beautiful south, but I’m definitely going back soon!

Another sad thing I encountered was the clash of nature on the border line with the occupied land. Same land but different nature! On the right, the Lebanese part and on the left, the Israeli one. Lebanese farmers aren’t allowed to get close to the line because of the buffer zone.”

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