Perhaps one spring

The Lebanese constitution, paragraph H:

“The abolition of political confessionalism is a basic national goal and shall be achieved according to a gradual plan.”

This documentary series by French photographer Florent Meng gathers a series of 30 pictures, taken on the road between Beirut and Tripoli from March 2010 to April 2011.

Looking at the issue of civil marriage, Florent Meng focuses on the notion of secularism in a country where the only recognised form of marriage is the religious. In a poetical way, he confronts the ever-present ads for lucrative merchandise generated by the wedding industry. Florent Meng also portrays the lives of young lovers who are forced to hide their relationships due to family and/or religious pressure.

The series will be exhibited on November 3 at Centre de la Photographie in Geneva, as a part of a book launch by Hard Copy, a publishing platform of artist books.


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  1. Soirée adéquate ! Dirt décrivant ma création est en réalité terminé, procéder à la mise en œuvre voyager .

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