I want to get married

Meeting with Ghada Abdel Aal

CultureSociety Cairo

Isabelle Mayault meets Ghada Abdel Aal, an Egyptian blogger who writes urban tales on being a single woman in Cairo – stories that became an instant success.

Je veux me marier

Jours tranquilles au Caire

CultureSociety Cairo

« Et maintenant, vous êtes mariée ? ». Ghada imite une journaliste imaginaire. Elle se méfie des questions toutes faites. Cette question là, elle l’a entendue souvent depuis que la pharmacienne de Mahalla, vingt-huit ans cette année, est devenue une icône régionale grâce à son blog, Je veux me marier (Ayza atgawez). Recueil de fables urbaines sur […]


The geography of a revolution

Rights & dissentUrban change Cairo

The daily demonstrations and clashes between the people in the streets and the army are slowly changing Cairo’s urban geography.

Egypte : Géographie d’une révolution

Rights & dissent Cairo

Les rassemblement quotidiens, ainsi que les tensions entre les manifestants et l’armée Egyptienne changent peu à peu la géographie urbaine du Caire.

Mad from the revolution

Society Cairo

El Nadeem Centre provides treatment to victims of political violence and torture. Mashallah News met with psychiatrist Mona Hamed to discuss the nature of the psychological trauma engendered by political violence.

The prison inside me

Meet Samar Yazbek

CultureRights & dissent Damascus

A Woman in the Crossfire is Samar Yazbek’s diary of the first 4 months of Syria’s revolution, describing a time that today seems far away.

Chronicles of an elevator

A journey through concrete

Society Cairo

It is the king of all the elevators that I know. A warrior, a poet, a resistant. Despite being in such a bad shape, it keeps delivering its job tirelessly.

A talk with Larissa Sansour

The high life

CultureRights & dissent Jerusalem

Palestinian artist Larissa Sansour’s “Nation Estate”, which imagines Palestine as relocated in a skyscraper overlooking Jerusalem, created a controversy.

Deraa, the rebel kid

Two tales of one city

Rights & dissent Mashallah region

Activist and writer Florence Gozlan, the most famous and unofficial ambassador of Deraa, talks about his city as a rebel even within the uprising

HarassMap, the pink mafia

Acknowledging harassment #1

Rights & dissentSociety Cairo

HarassMap is a visual map of harassment in Egypt launched in December 2010, which enables harassment victims to report on incidents through sending an SMS.

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