كيف غزى فن الرسم على الجدران

CultureUrban change Beirut

الفنانة ستيفي بيشال ترسم الجدران في بيروت ومن خلال رسمها وفنها تخلق دنيا جديدا في لبنان

The art of painting walls

CultureUrban change Beirut

Meet Steffi Peichal. Although the energetic 30-something brunette was born and bred in Frankfurt, her long dark hair and full red lips betray something of her father’s family’s origins: Iraq. Co-founder of the artists collective Studio 68, based in Mannheim (Germany) and specialized in street art, Steffi took off for a radical change some four […]

Le bus et son double

Culture Beirut

Leur dernier coup de maître de l’ONG Umam/Le Hangar est d’avoir retrouvé le bus de la guerre civile et l’avoir exposé dans leur hangar

Looking for the lost bus

Culture Beirut

In just six years of existence, the Lebanese NGO UMAM D&R/The Hangar has succeeded in making the southern Beirut suburb Haret Hreik an epicentre of cultural life in Lebanon. Not content with having established the country’s first archive with “essential materials from Lebanon’s past,” UMAM’s founders, Lokman Slim and Monika Borgmann, regularly hold exhibitions which […]

How do you say ‘contemporary dance’ in Arabic?

BIPOD, the Beirut international platform of dance

Culture Beirut

The Beirut International Platform of Dance (BIPOD) was launched by Lebanese choreographer Omar Rajeh to raise the Lebanese audience’s awareness on dance.

Beit Jacques

L'homme qui murmurait à l'oreille des vieilles maisons

SocietyUrban change Damascus

Avec son élégante écharpe blanche et un teint naturellement hâlé, Jacques Montluçon a plus l’allure d’un aviateur des années 30 que d’un ingénieur français à la retraite. Résident damascène à mi-temps depuis cinq ans, il est le seul étranger à être propriétaire dans la vieille ville de Damas. « Après ma retraite, je suis venu ici […]

Beit Jacques in Damascus

SocietyUrban change Damascus

With his stylish white scarf and naturally tanned face, Jacques Montluçon looks more like an aviator from the 30s than a French retired engineer. Based in Damascus half the year, he is the only foreign landlord in the capital’s old city. “After retiring, I came here to take Arabic lessons. But it turns out I […]

The secret lives of saints

Society Beirut

Saints and altars are without a doubt the main feature of Sioufi’s streets, a quiet neighborhood in Eastern Beirut whose walls are covered with crosses.

18 days on Tahrir

Rights & dissent Cairo

In the span of only 18 days spent on Tahrir, Sara, a member of Egypt’s Muslim brotherhood, found a decisive role to play in the future society.

La révolution d’une jeune Soeur Musulmane

Rights & dissent Cairo

En seulement 18 jours sur Tahrir, Sara, membre des Frères Musulmans, a compris l’importance qu’elle pouvait jouer dans la société égyptienne.