Behind red walls

Free art in Amman

Culture Amman

A self-declared ‘haven for all arts,’ Darat el Funun is a meeting ground for Amman’s contemporary artists and creatives.

Lebanon’s informal art spaces

Activating new spaces to the public

Culture Beirut

There are several informal art spaces all around the country. Mashallah talks about three: Zico House, the Sanayeh residence, and the Batroun Art Proposal.

Tahrir, we love you

A tribute to the Egyptian people

Rights & dissent Cairo

This is Cairo when the people of Egypt started to fight for freedom. Without them, and a million people coming daily to Tahrir square, this revolution wouldn’t have happened.

Chaza Charafeddine: Dante, Muhammad and the buraq

The Divine Comedy in wonderland

Culture Beirut

Former dancer turned art curator, then visual artist, Chaza Charafeddine seems to have as many past lives as sources of interest. Mashallah met with her.

Shooting in Beirut

Discovering Dar al-Mussawir

CultureSociety Beirut

Dar al-Mussawir, literally “the photographer’s house,” is a new space for photography and photo enthusiasts, in Beirut’s Hamra neighbourhood.

Bling-bling feminism

CultureSociety Beirut

Joumana Haddad performed a marketing coup with her book ‘I killed Scheherazade’. But is it bold, or merely bling-bling feminism à la Sex and the City?

“Pidgin Madam”

When Singhalese meets Arabic

Society Beirut

Mashallah is publishing articles on the topic of migration, covering a few aspects of this phenomena. Today: the emergence of a new language in Beirut.

Profession : ange-gardien

Rights & dissent Beirut

Arrivé au Liban en tant que domestique free-lance, Dipendra Uprety, du Népal, est devenu l’improbable ange-gardien des domestiques étrangères de son pays d’adoption.

The maids’ lucky star

Helping Nepali domestic workers

Rights & dissent Beirut

Dipendra Uprety left Nepal for Lebanon 10 years ago. There, he found himself an unexpected role: a guardian-angel for Beirut’s domestic worker.

Close Encounters

The first visual arts festival in Syria

Culture Damascus

Blogger and art curator Charlotte Bank directed in Damascus the exhibition Close Encounters, which featured nine Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian artists.