Off the walls

Visual Sunday

Urban change Beirut

There is something about city walls. Occasionally, bits of urban life gets glued or nailed to these walls, or carved into them or written on their surface.

The word ‘revolution’

Back on everyone's tongue

CultureRights & dissent Cairo

“Support the revolution”. Tagged on walls and printed on posters both in and outside Egypt, the phrase was coined by visual artist Mohamed Gaber.

Art in the making

Culture Dubai

In Dubai’s industrial area, warehouses and empty buildings now house a growing number of galleries and art spaces. Jam Jar in Al Quoz lets you create your own paintings.

The cats are alright

And they rule AUB campus

Society Beirut

In Beirut, they’re famous. A few hundred occupy the campus of AUB, a prime piece of land, and they know well how to mark their turf. Meet the AUB cats.

Namasté Dubai

CultureUrban change Dubai

On a small street inside old Dubai’s market area, just off the main throughfare, is a small India outside of the subcontinent.

It’s all in the game

Capoeira in Damascus

Society Damascus

CapoeirArab, Damascus’ first and only group started in the streets in 2007, when Syrian-German Tarek Alsaleh decided to move to Damascus.

A matter of speaking

Rania's story of diaspora multilingualism

Society Beirut

Although the whole “hi, kifak, ça va” thing often is exaggerated, trilingualism remains a core feature of contemporary Lebanese society.

Beware of sidewalks

Beirut is not made for walking

Urban change Beirut

Beirut’s sidewalks come in all conditions imaginable, including ‘nonexistent’. Get from point A to B, but only through zigzagging, ducking and dodging.

Books in motion

Culture Beirut

Books in Motion or (B)IM is a Lebanese traveling theater group that just finished their third set of shows this summer.

The ground beneath our feet

Beirut's green spaces

Urban change Beirut

Small patches of grass were placed across Beirut with the typical brown sign that marks traditional and beautiful areas in Beirut — only these ones bore the ironic text ‘Enjoy your green space’. The message: Beirut is in dire need of more greenery.