Tahrir momentum

Marwa Adel's photographic series from Tahrir

CultureRights & dissent Cairo

Marwa Adel is a visual artist who lives in Cairo. Her Momentum series from Tahrir is powerful because it captures both the bravery and the strength.

Sharing the art

Speaking to Suzee in the city

CultureRights & dissent Cairo

Following the start of the revolution one year ago, the streets of Cairo and other Egyptian cities have seen a growing and dynamic movement of political art in the streets. For anyone interested in the work of the artists, there is one place to go (except for wandering the streets, of course): Suzee in the […]

Simply different

Society Kuwait City

Moustache is a short film by Kuwaiti film maker Meqdad Al-Kout, humourising non-conformity with the norms of society.

بدون شنب

CultureSociety Kuwait City

.شنب فيلم قصيريروي قصة ابو شنب وهو رجل غير قادر على زراعة الشنب. تحدث ما شاء الله مع مخرج الفيلم مقداد الكوت عن عمله

The tattoo artist of Muqattam

Marking a Coptic tradition

CultureSociety Cairo

On a dusty hill on the outskirts of Cairo, right where all the city’s garbage is recycled, sits also its biggest church – and iconic tattoo artist Girgis

The road back to Tahrir

CultureRights & dissent Cairo

In post-Mubarak Cairo, history is being written on the walls with spray cans, stencils and paint.

Of rats and men

Fiction from the Libyan desert

Culture Tripoli

“Homeless Rats” is a book by Libyan author Ahmed Fagih. Set during the years following World War II, it evokes a sense of timelessness.

Greening society

Speaking to the Green Prophet

Society Mashallah region

Green Prophet is a platform that covers green issues in the Middle East, such as clean technology, politics, transportation, health and urban life.

Towards an equal Morocco


Rights & dissentSociety Casablanca

Mashallah News met with Mouna Mouna al-Moutamassik from the Democratic Association of Moroccan women (ADFM), to talk about gender equality.

Breathing walls

Visual Sunday

Urban change Beirut

Lebanese photographer Rhea Karam documented the story of Lebanon through photographing its of walls, which still carry memories of the war.