Picture yourself Egypt

CultureSociety Cairo

“Egypt (mostly Cairo) beyond your Google image search results.” Picture Masr, through a stream of photos, gives another view of the North African country.

In the mix

Linguistic mélange bi Lubnan

Society Beirut

Mashallah News spoke to LAU professor Rula Diab about one of her specialities: the Lebanese language mix.

Faten Hamama

Egyptian legend

Culture Doha

Egypt’s Faten Hamama, one of Arab cinema’s great legends and known the 50s & 60s as ‘The Lady of the Arabic Screen’, is still recording movies.


Sudanese satire

CultureRights & dissent Doha Khartoum

Khartoon, the brainchild of Qatar-based Sudanese cartoonist and graphic designer Khalid Albaih, satirises everything, especially politics in the two Sudans.

Writing Libya


Society Tripoli

Libya today has hundreds of new media. One of them is Libya Times a youth-run magazine that carries stories from different parts of the country.

Where the streets have new names

Visual Sunday

CultureRights & dissent Benghazi Tripoli

A year after the end of the war/revolution, the walls of Libya have exploded with street art – from Benghazi to Tripoli and in between.


Cairo's beautiful lake

CultureUrban change Cairo

“Bulaq: Among the Ruins of an Unfinished Revolution” is a documentary of Cairo’s old neighbourhood. Mashallah spoke to Sayed Korany one of the film’s lead characters.

The Philippines – Misrata

Under siege in war-time Libya

Society Mashallah region

When the war began, Maria and her friend Mariam, migrant workers from the Philippines, chose to stay in Libya and work at one of Misrata’s hospitals.

Battlefield art

Transforming death into life

CultureSociety Benghazi

As the battlefield fighting ended, artist Ali Al-Wakwak went out to collect rusty weapons and guns, transforming them to art about Libya’s revolution.

Documenting the struggle

A photography project on the role of Palestinian women in the nation's struggle

Rights & dissent Ramallah

“Palestine: Women First” is a photography project on the key role of young Palestinian women in their nation’s struggle. Mashallah News got a chance to speak to the photographer, Mati Milstein, who himself is both Israeli and male, and to one of the activists, Diana.