Of soil and pebbles

Lebanon's mountain pottery

Society Beirut

In the northern Lebanese mountains, one woman is continuing the village tradition of making handmade pottery from clay and soil from the surrounding hills.

Holy wine

The blessed drink of a Georgian village

Society Tbilisi

For people in the Georgian village of Nikortsminda, wine and winemaking have a profound and deeply spiritual meaning.

السوريون في السودان

ملاذ غير متوقع

Society Damascus Khartoum

لقد أدت الحرب في سوريا الى تدفق غير مسبوق من اللاجئين. كما أَقفلت في وجههم غالبية الدول أبوابها، ما عدى لبنان وتركيا والأردن. إلا أن عدداً منهم إلتجؤوا الى السودان، وقد تنقلب أوضاعهم بعد سقوط الرئيس عمر البشير .

Syrians in Sudan

The door that stays open

Society Damascus Khartoum

With most other doors firmly closed to them, Syrians escaping the war have found a respite in Sudan, where they have been let in without any restrictions.

On temporality and the Gulf city

Talking to Deepak Unnikrishnan

CultureSociety Abu Dhabi

Deepak Unnikrishnan’s debut novel Temporary People chronicles stories of life-worlds shaped by change, temporality and migration, well familiar to the people of today’s Gulf cities.

Running free

Saudis sprint for equal rights

Jeddah Medina Riyadh

In Saudi Arabia, a group of runners – including an all-women team running in abaya – are promoting running as a means of social and personal transformation.

Falafel in Algeria

Syrian refugees bring new restaurants

Society Algiers

In Algeria, the most visible sign of the country’s over 40,000 Syrian refugees is many newly opened restaurants.

From the supermarket with love

Algeria's first food bank

Society Algiers

Entirely youth-run, the Algerian Food Bank collects groceries from shoppers, to feed families during Ramadan.

New art in an old market

Picturie Générale III in Algiers

Culture Algiers

Picturie Générale exhibits new Algerian art in one of Algiers’ iconic old markets, closed for the past thirty years.

Quand les stars portent le fez

Culture Casablanca

Yassine Morabite est un jeune designer et artiste marocain. Ses portraits de stars portant le fez traditionnel connaissent un grand succès.