• language

    More than a tool for reflecting what is, language is also a means of producing the real. It also has subversive potential – the ability to speak new kinds of selves, communities and solidarities into being, to resurrect mute narratives and resuscitate those that are running out of breath.

  • night-series-155

    The night has a special kind of intimacy. A slower pace, a sense that time is moving in other directions. Places turn unfamiliar in the dark; people look different, do things differently. The night is a pause from life during the day, but also a world entirely of its own.

  • ROUTES-banner-desktop-2

    What alternative Middle Easts have existed, are existing and, perhaps one day, could exist within and beyond differently imagined borders? ROUTES brings together narratives that will (literally) guide readers down forgotten, hidden and potential paths to erased, obscured and proposed Middle Easts.

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    From political satire to absurd jokes, from cartoons to stand-up comedy, amidst the political turmoil, humour is taking new forms across the region.

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    For the first time ever, Mashallah features new fiction from the region: six emerging writers look at the ‘fate’ and potential futures of the Middle East.

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Sarah Lily Yassine

Sarah Lily Yassine is an urban planner who has practiced in Beirut and in London. She is interested in exploring the role of urban wilderness in reconfiguring the nexus of… Read more
Joanna Pollonais

JoAnna Pollonais

Nomadic by designation, JoAnna Polonais is a Canadian-born writer and freelance consultant who spent four wildly exciting years living in the cacophonous and mercurial city of Cairo. Though she left… Read more
Gözde Kazaz

Gözde Kazaz

Gözde Kazaz is a correspondent and editor of various media platforms in Turkey, including the weekly newspaper Agos, the Yeşil Gazete website and the monthly magazine Istanbul Art News. Her… Read more
Antonia Roupell

Antonia Roupell

Antonia is a freelance journalist and documentary filmmaker working between London and the Middle East. She holds a degree in Arabic and a Master's in Cinema and Transcultural studies. Her… Read more